5 reasons not to vote for Georgette Gómez

Here are five reasons why you should avoid at all costs to vote for Georgette Gómez

In the 80th State Assembly District election, favorites are currently Democrats David Álvarez and Georgette Gómez. Both have held government positions before, but while Álvarez has maintained an impeccable political image, candidate Gómez has kept an image that shows San Diegans the complete opposite.

Here we show you five reasons why shouldn’t vote at all for Georgette Gómez as assemblymember of the 80th District:

1. She didn’t file $100,000 dollars in taxes

In 2020, headlines in San Diego’s newspapers exploded with news that then San Diego City Council President and Congress candidate, Georgette Gómez did not report her salary in her 2017 tax return.

The media outlet San Diego Union Tribune stated that inconsistencies were found between her tax files from 2017 to 2019, referring to what she had reported and the publicly available information about her salary.

Georgette Gomez Facebook
Georgette Gomez Facebook

2. She wanted to cut police budget while receiving special protection

Something that many San Diego citizens have classified as “hypocritical” is that while candidate Gómez was enjoying police protection, she was also trying to cut San Diego’s police budget.

Because of this, Jared Wilson, President of the San Diego Police Officers Association (SDPOA) stated that what she was doing was hypocritical and even more so because of the rise of murders in parks. “She is still calling to defund the police,” he shared, upset.

Georgette Gomez Facebook
Georgette Gomez Facebook

3. She is in favor of the gas tax

In addition, something that is really worrying is that even though gas in San Diego continues to break records, Georgette is in favor of letting citizens pay for the tax. Unlike what Álvarez said, she will keep the tax in place.

Gómez said to media outlet KUSI that she doesn’t believe in suspending the tax and in fact is supporting the Democrat plan to keeping the tax and reimbursing it some time later.

“Well, I guess I know who is NOT getting my vote!”, “Somebody doesn’t want to get elected,” “She has had all kinds of political posts. Send her home!” have been some of the responses she has received after these statements.

4. She has no interest in resolving her supposed “priorities”, she just wants to climb up

Priorities are of no importance to Georgette. When she was chairwoman of the Metropolitan Transit System she claimed that one of her priorities would be an increase in sales to finance transit improvements. Sometime later, she said that she had to quit her position so this “priority” had to be overseen by somebody else.

Georgette Gomez Facebook
Georgette Gomez Facebook

5. She doesn’t give concrete answers

We could say that she is a bad leader who doesn’t accept responsibility. Georgette has preferred to evade before answering citizens concretely. The proof of this is, during an interview, she was asked if she would support hiring more cops in San Diego. She, however, did not answer and never answered with a “yes” or a “no”. She only spoke about defending women who have been victims of violence but this was not something she had been asked, so she just used it in order to avoid an awkward question.

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