Georgette Gómez loses votes for being in favor of gas tax in San Diego

Gas prices in San Diego have broken records, but the candidate thinks that the gas tax should remain in the county

The election for California’s 80th State Assembly District continues with David Álvarez and Georgette Gómez competing for this position, as well as Republican Lincoln Packard. However, the true election is only between the first two.

It should be noted that these two candidates are very different. For starters, Álvarez has an upright image, while Gómez has had several blunders. For example, people still remember how she didn’t file her taxes and, more recently, it was revealed that she wanted to decrease police funding while enjoying their protection.

There is, however, an issue that keeps citizens worried and that is that Gómez told media outlet San Diego KUSI that she will maintain the statewide gas tax, while David Álvarez will vote in favor of suspending this tax.

According to this media outlet, Gómez said that she doesn’t believe in suspending this tax and in fact plans to support the Democrat plan of maintaining the tax and reimburse part of it sometime later.

A few hours after this was revealed, hundreds of San Diegans have expressed their opinions in the comments. Some highlights include: “Well, I guess I know who’s NOT getting my vote!”, “Somebody doesn’t want to be elected!”, “She’s been running for all kinds of political posts. Send her home!”, among others.

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Likewise, Gómez stated that if the tax is suspended, companies will raise gas prices. However, gas companies are not increasing prices in other states, like the candidate has said.

It should be noted that gas prices have gone up in the United States and while the national gas price average is around $4.43 dollars, in San Diego one can find gas stations, such as Shell, where it is sold at $6.19 dollars, i.e., $1.76 dollars more expensive.

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