The hypocrisy of Georgette Gómez; she wanted less money for the police while receiving their special protection

She has been heavily criticized by citizens for this

District 80 is being contested by candidates David Álvarez and Georgette Gómez. This is an important district that includes areas from Bonita to Chula Vista, among others. It should be noted that while candidate Álvarez has presented an upright image, Gómez’s has been tainted by several of her past actions.

For example, it is known that San Diegans mistrust Georgette Gómez because she did not file 100,000 dollars in taxes in the past. This happened in 2020, when San Diego’s newspapers’ headlines exploded saying that the then Council President of San Diego and Congress candidate, Georgette Gómez had failed to inform her salary in her federal tax filing of 2017.

Georgette Gomez Facebook
Georgette Gomez Facebook

This is not the only thing that happened in 2022 and what worries citizens is that Gómez’s actions are absolutely hypocritical, since while she was enjoying police protection she was also trying to reduce the San Diego police budget. She has been heavily criticized by citizens and even some media outlets.

In fact the President of the San Diego Police Officers Association, Jared Wilson, said to local media outlet CBS8 that “she is a hypocrite. She wants all of us to have less cops even though we have high crime rates, an increase of murders in parks, and she is also calling to defund the police.“”.

Sadly, Georgette’s actions can only be called hypocritical since she didn’t think police was important until she needed them. This occurred when a protest almost got to her home.

On the other hand, the candidate was questioned about whether she would support hiring more cops in San Diego. However, she evaded the question and never answered a definite “yes” or “no” and instead she decided to speak about defending women who have been victims of violence.

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