Marina del Pilar prioritizes transparency in public work projects for Baja California

The Baja Californian administration has joined the Open Infrastructure 2022 challenge announced by INAI after public work projects were revealed

Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda has followed up on her own commitment to prioritize the main principles of her administration by strengthening transparency and dealing with corruption. This is why the Open Data State Network (REDA) was set up today so as to follow up the national “Opening Challenge: Open Infrastructure 2022” project.

Representing the state governor, the general director of the Digital Agency, Gabriel Alberto Palombo, highlighted the efforts of Marina del Pilar and her administration and how they are guided to be effective through a digital transformation that unifies strategies and actions in the realm and development of technological tools, open information, and connectivity.

This is why the state government’s Digital Agency is working to promote disruptive innovation and the strengthening of Information and Communication Technologies (TIC’s) in order to reduce the time people spend obtaining documentation. This results in a public administration that is accessible, transparent, and participatory.

Palombo explained that the REDA installation is being carried out during the countrywide call by the National Institute of Transparency, Information Access, and Personal Data Protection (INAI) which is promoting an adoption of open hiring data standards to contribute with the generation, administration, and spreading of data regarding the different phases of public work projects.

He highlighted that in Baja California three parties responded to this challenge, one of them being the state government, through the Digital Agency, the Secretariat of Honesty and Public Function, and the Secretariat of Infrastructure, Urban Development, and Territorial Redesign (SIDURT).

“By signing this agreement, we are very excited and motivated to work hand in hand with the convening institutions. We know their commitment and the work they carry out to promote innovative transparency and to encourage the use of information technologies to benefit all people,” he said.

The Digital Agency's Director revealed that the project that the state government will propose will address issues related to the limited offer of sports and physical activity areas, which affects the quality of life of San Quintin residents.

“A permanent preoccupation for this government is that every social work project has to help to combat poverty, inequality, and encourage inclusion,” he stated.

He added that the Digital Agency is working with different social sectors to monitor the public work from its bidding process all the way to its execution and opening to the public.

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