Marina del Pilar plans strategies to fight droughts in Baja California

The governor held a meeting with authorities to make the usage of water easier in the region

Baja California’s Governor, Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda held a meeting with the National Water Commission (CONAGUA) where several strategies were discussed to deal with the drought issues that have been occurring in our state, guiding the appropriate intuitions to make the usage of water more efficient in the region.

At this meeting CONAGUA Director, Germán Arturo Martínez Santoyou was present and all specific projects were discussed between the state and federal administrations in order to guarantee the supply of water in the state to benefit the population both at large as well as everything related to economic activities.

Moreover, representatives of the International Committee of Borders and Waters (CILA) were also present. Issues regarding Act 23 and several water flow scenarios from the Colorado River for 2023 were reviewed, as well as different strategies to grant water as a human right.

Secretary of Management, Sanitation, and Protection of Water in Baja California (SEPROA), Francisco Bernal Rodríguez was also present. He enlisted a series of techniques and strategies to modernize Mexicali Valley’s risk district 014, emphasizing a more efficient use of water.

On the other hand, Governor Marina del Pilar and Gutiérrez Santoyo discussed specific aspects regarding the Border Sanitation Program, as well as works to sanitize Tijuana’s water, the operation and maintenance of pumping plant PBCILA, and the restorations of Laureles I and II plants, as well as the one located at the Cañón del Matadero area.

Another issue addressed was the watery supply sources for Baja California, taking into account the current usage of the Colorado River with each Baja Californian population. The correct maintenance of the Colorado River-Tijuana Aqueduct, the operation of San Luis Río Colorado’s Mesa Arenosa Aquifer, and the water administration program of the State Utilities Commission of Tijuana (CESPT) were also addressed.

Finally, the governor shared information about the Annual Operative Program between CONAGUA and the Baja Californian Government, focused mainly on the efficient usage and reusage of water in the state, encouraging a conservation culture and strengthening the state’s existing infrastructure in order to obtain the maximum amount of benefits from water.

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