Buy gas in Tijuana or San Diego? Find out the prices at both sides of the border before crossing

Want to know where it is better to refuel? These pages may help you

Are you going to cross to San Diego, but you don’t know where it is better to buy gas? Now, you will be able to, thanks to an app created by the Federal Consumer Agency (PROFECO). This application will tell you where you can find the cheapest and most expensive gas of the region.

How does it work? It is very simple. First you need to download the app, then you will notice a series of options: “search”, “settings”, “tank capacity”, “help”, and “privacy notice.” You will have to select: “search range.”

When choosing search range and the type of gas you’re interested it, you can check which gas stations are near your home, workplace, or anywhere else that have the best prices of the market.

Another interesting feature is that gas stations are classified. For example, if they have committed violations of PROFECO norms, a red X will be shown, and if they are going through a penal process regarding their administrative processes, two red XXs will be shown.

The app will also let you know if the gas station you’re interested in has access to restrooms or if it charges for this service, and will also let you know if they are clean or dirty. You will also be able to check the prices of each registered gas station.
Something that will most likely please the user is that it tells you how much liters your car needs to be filled. In the following example, an Acura needs approximately 59 liters of gasoline.

If you wish to compare prices with San Diego, you can do so by clicking the following link: GASBuddy. They will also let you know which gas stations have the lowest and highest prices of the region.

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