Governor Marina del Pilar shows wellness program progress in Baja California

The Baja Californian Governor revealed that investments carried out by her administration will guarantee a better quality of life for the general public

During a conference broadcasted in San Felipe, Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, Baja Californian Governor, revealed to the state’s residents the progress obtained so far when it comes to public wellness policies that are focused on taking care of the basic needs of the most vulnerable population.

On the 25th edition of Wednesday Morning Press Conference with Marina del Pilar, she emphasized that the social policies carried out by the Baja California state government are based on the principles of the Fourth Transformation.

Marina del Pilar recalled that it was when she was mayor of Mexicali that San Felipe natives decided to become the seventh municipality of Baja California, leaving a mark on their history, their present, and their future.

“Our presence in San Felipe is not accidental, but it is a part of my administration’s commitment in supporting the families of this municipality, to listen to them and take care of their needs,” she said.

Giving concrete examples, Marina del Pilar pointed out that the Secretariat of Social Wellness and Integration, led by Netzahualcóyotl Jáuregui Santillán, allocated 360 million pesos to support people with disabilities by delivering 2,800 pesos bimonthly.

Another program carried out was the Violet Squad program, with an investment of 309 million pesos to support economically women who are heads of the family.

Besides economic aid, benefitted women will also have life insurance for 35,000 pesos, funerary services for up to 65,000 pesos, and two free plumbing, electricity, locksmiths, and glasswork services every year.

There is also the "Pancita llena, corazón contento" (Full Tummy, Happy Heart) program which will allocate 250 million pesos to bring nutritional access to children and teenagers in public state schools.

Marina del Pilar also spoke about the “Ilumina tu día” (Brighten Your Day) program which benefits 35,795 homes when it comes to paying for electricity. 41.3 million pesos are being invested to make this happen.

She also spoke about the relevant aid that there is regarding gas vouchers and productive products incentives for civil society organizations and students from all educational levels.

At the press conference, the following people were present: Secretary of Health, José Adrián Medina Amarillas; Secretary of Gender Wellness and Equality, Miriam Cano Núñez; Secretary of Fishing and Aquaculture, Alma Rosa García Juárez, and President of the Foundational Council of San Felipe, José Luis Dagnino López.


Marina del Pilar delivers violet cards


As part of her San Felipe schedule, Baja Californian Governor delivered violet cards to San Felipe’s women,those who are heads of family.

The governor shared how important maternity and the worth of a family’s mother have in overcoming everything regarding their children, by giving them the most basic needs.

“Today, Baja Californian women, between 18 and 64 years old who are experiencing poverty conditions are being benefitted. Because, as our president says, for everyone’s sake, poor people come first”, she stated.

She added that this money can be allocated to those who need it the most because this administration has dealt with corruption and has managed to do more with less to benefit the population at large.

"United we are and will be stronger. And if there’s something that you can be sure about is that you have in me an ally and a friend because you are the heart that makes Baja California beat", the governor said.

For his part, the head of the Secretariat of Social Wellness and Integration, Netzahualcóyotl Jáuregui Santillán, announced that in 2022 more than 36,000 cards are expected to be delivered, of which 15,000 will be delivered in the first stage.

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