Marina del Pilar presents activities for the 43rd World Congress of Vine and Wine in Baja California

It will take place in Ensenada, Baja California from October 31 to November 4

Mexico[b] will be the venue of the [b]43rd World Congress of Vine and Wine from October 31 to November 4. This is the most important scientific event worldwide regarding grape and wine where experts from all over the world will talk and suggest ideas in order to promote and boost the development of the wine industry under three guidelines: climate change, sustainability, and the post Covid-19 market.

The Secretariat of Agriculture and Rural Development of Baja California and the Mexican Viniculture Council (CMV) presented an activity program where they are looking to incentivize the exchange of technical and scientific ideas, the creation of enterprises, and visits to wine regions. All of this so that leaders from all over the world can find out firsthand the actions that wineries take regarding microclimates and farming, oenological, and oenotouristic practices.

It is estimated that around 800 scientists, academics, agronomists, ampelographists, oenologists, wine farmers, lab technicians, sommeliers and experts of all winemaking countries will participate at the event. The most distinguished are the researchers of Environmental Sciences at University of Oregon , USA, Gregory V. Jones; Spain’s Environmental European Agency's, Ana Luisa Iglesias, and the Center of Scientific Investigation and Higher Learning's , María Teresa Cavazos.

According to the CMV, the industry is at its best moment currently. The agricultural sector is the second source of employment with 500,000 job positions. Every year, 35,822 hectares are used for grape harvesting for five different goals: fruit, wine, juice, brandy, and raisins. Of these, 64 million liters of wine are produced in 14 winemaking states, thanks to the work by 400 wineries.

These achievements, combined with the quality of Mexican wine which in the last few years has received around 1,5000 medals from international contests, show the relevance of the industry, and thanks to this, the International Vine and Wine Organization (OIV) in France has granted the venue to Mexico.

The Secretary of Agriculture and Rural Development, Víctor Villalobos Arámbula, highlighted that one of the key elements of the Congress is the future redesign of the viticulture of the country and the world due to the effects of climate change. It is important to guarantee quality and volume while managing sustainably natural resources, through the adaptation of agriculture and fighting against plagues and diseases.

In a very competitive market such as the wine industry, Mexican wine has managed to distinguish itself due to its quality and the work carried out by thousands of farmers. Entering a market with years-held traditions is not easy, he added.

He said that the Secretariat will continue to promote national wine as a part of a healthy diet that contributes to better health among people and, thanks to its quality, its consumption will continue in Mexico and abroad.

The Governor of Baja California, Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda said that in the last few months an alliance has been forged for the prosperity and promotion of Baja Californian wine, where the Congress is a key element.

She stated:

We know the great effort that this event represents. We receive thousands of visitors from all over the world and as governor I have made a commitment that when they arrive in Mexico, when they arrive in Baja California, when they arrive in Ensenada, tourists have the necessary infrastructure, the necessary facilities, and, above all, safety and security.

She added that the Congress’ announcement from Mexico City represents their interinstitutional organization, since several secretariats have worked together for several months. They even managed to create projects that promote and boost the infrastructure and development of the area, with the necessary investments for this goal.

She added that this industry’s growth has been so much that, currently, 70% of Mexican wine comes from Baja California and its eight viticultural valleys. Valle de Guadalupe, the Congress’ venue, is one of the main ones since it represents a variety of grape that allows the product to improve its quality.

Ávila Olmeda said that work has been done to support farmers and manufacturers and gave as an example the repeal of the 4.5% sale tax for encased wine, as well as a recent agreement with all related sectors to protect the agricultural work of Valle de Guadalupe that prevents its ecological balance to be lost.

Ávila Olmeda concluded:

We are honored. It is a privilege to be the venue and keep showing the world the high quality of Mexican wine from Baja California.

CMV President, Hans Backhoff stated: ”We are excited to receive experts from all over the world so they can discover the work of Mexican talent that has allowed great wine to be consumed in our country. We have a high quality industry, ingenious, and sturdy which is a result of decades of work in the fields and winery promotion.”.

He stated that talking about Mexican wine is to talk about something that makes us proud and that more than 500 years of history have put us as the country with the greatest wine tradition in America.

He recalled that during the Congress a Grape and Wine Exhibition will take place; an area of more than 9,000 square meters dedicated to the promotion of supply chains and the exhibition of new technologies.

The organizers presented alliances and support from brands committed with Mexico such as American Express, Beviale, La Food, and Prospero.

Ensenada’s Municipal President, Armando Ayala Robles, said that due to the pandemic, efforts should be concentrated to boost economic recovery in the municipality as well as in Baja California and Mexico.

CMV Director, Paz Austin, stated that after two years of COVID-19, “we are very excited to be the hosts of the 43rd World Congress of Vine and Wine, which will promote our country with more than 2,500 attendants from all over the world that will contribute to the development of the national wine industry.”

Find out more about the 43rd World Congress of Vine and Wine on their official web page: and their social media: @oiv2022mx.

If you’re interested in attending the event, you can purchase your tickets here:

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