Governor Marina del Pilar announces “Respira” program public works for Mexicali

With these 7 public works the mobility of the capital of Baja California will be transformed

Baja Californian Governor Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda announced 7 public works from the ”Respira” program that will be carried out in Mexicali in order to transform the city’s mobility, as well as invest in parks, technology, and transportation.

In her speech to the public and Mexicali news media, the governor highlighted the importance that the city and its infrastructure has to strengthen the quality of life of its inhabitants.

The governor stated:

Our city can be our biggest ally, because we live in it every day. That we feel good in its streets is essential so that everything goes well.

Due to this, she emphasized that this administration’s commitment is to build cities that breathe, that go well together and boost the well-being of all Baja Californians, and that allows quality time for all families.

The governor highlighted the sense of belonging that most Mexicali natives have for their community and how their governors need to create the conditions so that it becomes a better place to live in, with better flow and where, essentially, one can always be well.

To achieve this goal, the Baja Californian administration launched the RESPIRA program who has four comprehensive focuses in order to transform the state’s cities: recovery of traffic flow, modernization of transportation, integration of new technologies for mobility, and multiplication of green areas in each municipality.

The governor said:

RESPIRA means a cultural transformation and break of paradigms. It means an inclusive city model with social groups and historically marginalized people. It means to work today for the cities that our children and grandchildren will live in.

Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda said that the first phase presentation of the RESPIRA program in Mexicali marks the beginning of a comprehensive transformation for the city, since the announced projects will strengthen the municipality’s infrastructure to benefit its people.

She said:

Today we announce the first phase of this comprehensive pubic works program that is aiming for more dynamic, sustainable, and efficient cities. Cities friendlier for pedestrians, cyclists, and people with disabilities.

Specifically, the governor revealed seven public works. The first one is the construction of the Río Nuevo Node which consists of a three-lane bridge with exit ramps so those who are driving in Lázaro Cárdenas Boulevard are able to enter Río Nuevo, supporting more than 300,000 Mexicali natives that travel daily through this area.

Second, she revealed the Calzada Terán Terán Crucero Calzada del Sol bridge where most traffic entering and leaving Mexicali concentrates in direction to Tijuana. Thanks to this work, there won’t be need to stop at any traffic lights and the traffic will be able to flow better giving more competitiveness and security to users.

The third work will be the Ejido Puebla Corridor, which is an area where the industrial growth has increased in Mexicali. The administration’s intention is to build and expand a boulevard towards the Mexicali Valley zone, benefitting more than 200,000 Mexicali natives.

The fourth public work is the remodeling of the Gómez Morín Boulevard[b] which consists of the expansion of this street from one to three lanes for each direction, decreasing traveling times considerable in the area. This will be accompanied with public lighting, vertical and horizontal signs at [b]Calzada Anáhuac to Calzada Héctor Terán Terán.

The fifth public work will be the construction of a bridge between Lázaro Cárdenas and Carranza Boulevards to improve traffic flow in the area and benefit around 200,000 Mexicali natives.

The sixth public work will be the expansion of the Islas Agrarias freeway, between Calle Novena and Abasolo Freeway which will have two lanes in both directions, a boundary, and pipe repositioning of potable water.

The last public work announced was the expansion of Cetys Boulevard which will be expanded to significantly reduce access and exit times at the international border crossing. The street will now have three lanes.

Marina del Pilar said:

I’m convinced that these important changes in our community will have positive long-term effects because we are working together. These changes occur when citizens and governments work together, we organize, and work very closely from our own sides with our own perspectives.

Lastly, she said that these public works may cause momentary annoyances, but its long-term benefit will be worth it. She also stated that these public works are possible right now because, in this administration, there is a correct management of public resources.

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