Aeromexico airplane flying from Tijuana is damaged after storm

It has been classified as a “non-airworthy” airplane

A Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner with plates N966AM from Aeromexico experienced severe damages after ice formations impacted against its surface when the airplane went through a storm last April.

According to media outlet Transponder 12000, one can notice its structures were damaged as well as dents and small holes. This incident on the Aeroméxico airplane was reported on April 21 during a flight from Tijuana to Mexico City, but was only recently made public.

Another important thing to highlight is that the damages on this airplane were not noticed at the moment when they occurred, rather it is believed that it was only when the plane began descending to Mexico City’s airport when they were noticed.

Moreover, telemetry remnants indicate that a turbulence zone formed by clouds, close to Queretaro’s International Airport, occurred though it is not known whether the accident happened there.

This airplane took its first flight in February 2014 and is currently classified as a non-airworthy airplane, parked on land. It is non-operational as repairs are being carried out.

VIDEO: Extravagant accident at Insurgentes Boulevard


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