Governor Marina del Pilar promotes children’s rights in Baja California

More than 70 child officials took an oath during “Children’s Day 2022” event

Standing by the importance of children’s feelings and opinions, Baja Californian Governor, Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda led an official “Children’s Day 2022” event next to Baja California’s child governor, Santiago Pérez González, and more than 70 child officials.

At the Executive Branch Building terrace in Mexicali, Baja California’s child governor helped 72 child officials take an oath as they will all lead different state agencies on Friday, April 29.

Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda encouraged the child governor and the child officials to achieve their dreams, because they can all be what they want to be as long as they wish for it and work for it. They can make their dreams come true even if they are looking to represent the Baja Californian people in any way.

“Undoubtedly, we have children with great future, but that is why we have to work starting today because they are also Baja Califronia’s present and we have to bring them all kinds of opportunities[/i], the governor said in her speech, highlighting the importance of celebrating childhood.

In her speech, Marina del Pilar reaffirmed her commitment so that Baja California eradicates child violence and combats all kinds of child malnutrition, so that children have all the necessary conditions so that they can live a life of peace, with healthy and decent food.

Open your wings wide open and fly as high as your imagination will take you, but above all, never stop dreaming”, the Baja Californian governor said to the children of Baja California.

For his part, Baja California’s child governor, Santiago Pérez González, thanked his classmates for choosing him for this position and highlighted the importance that his position represents. As the governor, he represents the power of execution and handling of tasks that are needed so that everyone in the state has opportunities.

We children want equal rights for all of us. No classmate needs to suffer because someone doesn’t respect their rights. Working together, problems become small and solutions become easy. At school, we learn how to respect others’ opinions so that we can be heard and respected”, the governor said.

Santiago Pérez González said that Baja Californian children want to grow up healthy and live in peace, be able to attend school, and have responsible teachers, which is possible if a government of collaboration is generated, where everyone of us does what they need to do without forgetting other people’s rights.

At the ceremony, the following people were present: Representative President of the Baja California State Congress, Julia Andrea González Quiroz and child legislator Zoé Tonatzin Melendez Alcaraz; Baja California’s Judicial Branch President, Alejandro Isaac Fragozo López and child official Camila Gabriel Ramírez; Education Secretary, Gerardo Arturo Solís Benavides and child secretary Natalie Gaxiola; Counselor President of the State Electoral Institute, Luis Alberto Hernández Morales and child counselor Alexis Ávalos.

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