Another Dibanhi is missing: parents are asking for attention for her case as well

Jovanna Dibanhi Aguilar Pérez has been missing for 10 months

Photo by: Marea Vede

Dibanhi’s mother, María Guadalupe Pérez, watches in the news everything related to finding and clarifying the murder of Debanhi Escobar, who was found dead last Thursday after 13 days of searching.

María Guadalupe Pérez has asked what the difference is regarding her own daughter, Jovanna Dibanhi Aguilar Pérez who went missing 10 months ago in Torreon, Coahuila. She stated that Coahuila authorities haven’t looked for her daughter at all in all this time.

After her mother complained to the authorities, the State Attorney’s Office has said that they haven’t been able to do more simply because there are no resources such as the ones in Nuevo Leon state, but María claims this is just an excuse.

The mother has gotten these excuses since her daughter went missing on June 25, 2021. According to her, when she went to report her daughter’s disappearance, they told her, “Get in line, lady. There are many like you who have been looking for years.”

Jovanna Dibanhi Aguilar Pérez is not an orphan and her mother states that her father, who is 74 years old, also made a report, but María Guadalupe thinks he was not paid any attention because “they saw that he was old and didn’t have any money.”

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