Marina del Pilar announces face mask usage in closed spaces will be optional in Baja California

This decision was taken due to the drop in Covid-19 cases in the region

Starting Monday, April 25, face mask usage in Baja California will be optional both in open and closed spaces. This was announced by Governor Marina del Pilar, due to the significant decrease in reported Covid-19 cases in the state.

This decision was taken based on recommendations by the Scientific Committee of the Secretariat of Health, led by Secretary José Adrián Medina Amarillas, who confirmed that conditions are set for this development.

Due to this, Governor Marina del Pilar called on to Baja Californians to vaccinate (whether it is their first or second dose, their booster shot, or a revaccination), since the most important thing is to remain protected from a disease that has become a permanent risk for everyone.

“It is very important that we keep calling on everyone to get their vaccines, since this is the best way that we can continue on this track,” she emphasized.

In her social media message, the governor highlighted the dedication and heroism of medical and health staff who have combatted the pandemic for more than 25 months without rest, sacrificing time from their own lives to save their patients.

At the same time, the governor hoped that everyone could join her in honoring the memory of the thousands of Baja Californians that have died due to the pandemic in the last two years, as well as recognizing the tenacity and conviction of the more than 120,000 people that were positive, but recovered.

“Today we see the light at the end of the tunnel. We see the end of this terrible pandemic. This may be the biggest challenge faced by our generation,” Marina del Pilar stated.

She added that the pandemic also strengthened Baja Californian society, since people had to adapt in quarantine with remote work, education, and communication measures that changed accordingly.

“We did all of this and we continue moving forward. This is a good moment to remember the long way we’ve traveled to get to where we are today. We are facing a new dawn. We are a generation that grew up with the pandemic, we are survivors and I am sure that we will evolve in many aspects of our own lives,” she stated.

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