Marina del Pilar announces family rights program for Baja Californian children and teenagers

This will offer foster home families to minors protected by DIF

MEXICALI.- Governor Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda revealed the “Familias de Corazón” (Families of Heart) program in Baja California, which will allow Baja Californian children and teenagers protected by DIF to have a foster home so that they can get the appropriate care and assistance they need while their legal situation is resolved.

In her speech, the governor highlighted the value that family has in children and teenagers’ development, which is why she thinks registering as a foster family is an act of deep love by everyone who wants to participate in this program.

"I’m convinced that a foster family is the equivalent to a guardian angel in a girl’s, boy’s, or young person’s life. They can make a difference, and a before and after in a very important moment of a child’s life. This can mark their future", she stated.

Through “Familias de Corazón” the state government’s commitment, she stated, is to avoid bureaucracy and processes that complicate vulnerable children’s lives. This is why she said that her administration will work hard to not abandon boys, girls, and teenagers when they need it the most.

These families are the ones who make the wings so that our children and young people can fly.

For her part, the President of Baja California’s DIF, Mavias Olmeda García, explained that all families will be certified to bring care, protection, positive parenting, and social well-being promotion for a limited amount of time while a more permanent option for the child is ensured with their original, extensive, or adoptive family.

“[i]This national program called Familias de Acogida (foster homes) is the one that in Baja California we are calling “Familias de Corazón”. At DIF, we want to do something for girls, boys, and teenagers because we know they need a family. We know they need to be included in a home and we want to bring them daily family experiences such as sharing responsibilities, tasks, teachings, moments of joy, moments of fun, affection ties, and everything that allows them to have an identity and a sense of belonging,” the state official stated.

Meanwhile, DIF Baja California Director, Mónica Vargas Núñez, highlighted that this program guarantees the implementation of ideal family foster homes that bring alternative care for children and teenagers who have been deprived of paternal care, for as long as necessary. This way they can be provided with comprehensive attention that will guarantee and restore rights that have been infringed.

Luis Peña Cruz, Director of the Adoption Agency for Protection of Girls, Boy, and Teenagers at National DIF, said that thanks to the willingness of Marina del Pilar, last April 18, the Official Diary of the State published the Rule of Law for the Protection and Defense of the Rights of Girls, Boys, and Teenagers in the State.

Thanks to this, guidelines, integration, requisites, and procedures are established for foster homes as a special protective measure for children and teenagers in dangerous situations or family distress. With this, the official stated, the program’s development becomes more efficient.

This program is comprised of a multidisciplinary team assigned by the Agency for the Protection of Girls, Boys, and Teenagers, which consists of attorneys, psychologists, and social workers who are all working so that this program is a success in Baja California.

As part of her participation in this event that took place at the State Center of the Arts (CEART) in Mexicali, Peña Cruz explained the program, the concept of foster homes, and the way in which different authorities will work to always defend minors’ best interests.

At this event, the following people were present: Alejandro Isaac Fragozo López, President of the Judicial Branch of Baja California; Gloria Miramontes Plantillas, Representative President of the Committee of Rights for People with Disabilities; Dulce María Mejía Cortés, Director of Judicial Participation and Rights Restitutions at the Federal Agency for the Protection of Girls, Boys, and Teenagers at National DIF, and Berenice López Meza, Attorney for the Defense of Girls, Boys, and Teenagers of Baja California.

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