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Marina del Pilar: Anti-COVID 19 vaccination programs continue in Baja California

The governor emphasized that to remain under the green traffic light, the majority of the population must be immunized

Baja California’s governor, Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda stated that any person that hasn’t received their Covid-19 booster shot will have access to the complete vaccination schedule, regardless of social condition, nationality, and residency.

During the twenty-second edition of Marina del Pilar’s Wednesday morning press conference, that took place in Mexicali, the governor reaffirmed that all indicators show that the vaccine is the best tool to control the pandemic and take care of people’s health.

She highlighted the commitment of health authorities, led by Secretary José Adrián Medina Amarillas, of medical units’ staff, and of the population at large, since Baja California is leader when it comes to vaccinations nationwide.

“In these last few weeks we have been developing a very wide vaccination campaign, with a willingness to take care of all Baja Californians. If we can increase the vaccination rate we will be boosting the great health shield that protects our families,” she stated during her speech to Mexicali general media.

Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda highlighted that, thanks to the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s permanent support, Baja California has administered 4,674,000 doses which represents a total protection for more than 2,430,000 people.

To achieve these goals, she said, it is necessary to have the support of all people, to not lower our guards, and in case one is able to get vaccinated, one should go to any of the vaccination centers at health institutes such as IMSS, ISSSTE, SEDENA, and ISSSTECALI.

However, the government of Baja California hasn’t abandoned vaccinations for other conditions, which is why between Saturday, April 23 and Friday, April 29, the State Week of Vaccines will be promoted in order to increase vaccination coverage in boys and girls 9 years and under in the state. This will help to solve the lag left by the COVID-19 pandemic that children and teenagers may have had regarding their vaccination schedule.

At the press conference, Baja California’s Subsecretary of Health, Néstor Hernández Milán, and the Head of Epidemiology of the Secretariat of Health, Efrén Zazueta, were present.

In another very relevant topic, Marina del Pilar explained the touristic progress that occurred during the Easter holidays, which happened due to the proper control of the Covid-19 pandemic during the last few months in Baja California.

With data provided by the Secretariat of Tourism of Baja California, led by Miguel Aguíñiga Rodríguez, the governor explained that families who live thanks to visitors and tourist noticed firsthand a larger presence of visitors during Holy Week, which has generated more jobs and more income opportunities.

Speaking of specific data, Marina del Pilar[b] stated that state hotel occupancy during this time period increased 7% in comparison with the same dates in 2019, the last vacation Holy Week period before the COVID-19 pandemic.

She also pointed out that this week received more than 367,000 visitors, which left an economic revenue of $1,566,000 million pesos, with destinations such as [b]San Felipe, Playas de Rosarito, and Ensenada receiving 38% of all tourists.

It should be noted that San Felipe port received the highest hotel occupancy with 85%, followed by Rosarito at 76%, and Ensenada at 71%. The three destinations registered an increase compared to 2019.

Marina del Pilar, the female governor with the highest approval rating in the country

The Mitofsky poll ranking, measuring citizens’ approval rating of state Mexican governors, has put Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda as the best evaluated female governor with an approval rating of 59.2% among those who were polled.

This same poll reveals that the Baja Californian governor is fifth when it comes to both male and female governors, as she is considered to have a high approval rating according to the scientific standards issued by Mitofsky Polling, one of the most prestigious polling trackers.

Regarding Fourth Transformation state governors, Mitofsky Polling puts Marina del Pilar in 1st place, followed by Tlaxcala Governor, Lorena Cuéllar in 2nd place, and Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, Head of Government of Mexico City, in 3rd place.

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