Marina del Pilar joins forces with federal government to assist teenagers with addictions

Authorities want to prioritize specific actions to support rehabilitation and social integration of people with addictions

In order to offer specialized assistance to people with addictions in Baja California, state governor Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda announced a series of concrete activities that will be carried out. These were derived from a self-reflective meeting (“mesa espejo”) of the National Strategy for Addiction Prevention (ENPA), which were set up last Tuesday in Mexicali.

Through this work team, which includes state and federal officials, interinstitutional actions will be carried out to strengthen work that benefits people with addictions in the state, focusing on the most vulnerable Baja Californian groups.

At the same time, they are looking to recover social sensitivity regarding this topic, open more lines of communication and support among different sectors, safeguarding people’s well-being and rehabilitating people facing these problems, through cross-sectional activities and coordination between both levels of government.

Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda said that working together harmony will be recovered among the different communities and, just like the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, stated, make use of the spiritual and moral values that distinguish the Mexican and Baja Californian population.

“This supply of values means that before prejudging or stigmatizing someone we have to listen to them, give them a hand and a bridge so that together we can open dialogue and offer them new paths in life,” she said.

The governor said that the “mesa espejo” will replicate the propositions by ENPA, which will amplify the state government’s capability to coordinate with federal institutions. This way they will be able to manage the necessary actions to help and rescue young people with addictions.

“Our challenge is that they know that the government will never turn its back on them, as it used to happen in the past. They have to understand that they have the same rights, a right to be acknowledged and interact with dignity in society, that they have something to say and something to tell us,” Marina del Pilar stated in her speech.

In the ceremony the following people were present: Secretary of Health of Baja California, José Adrián Medina Amarillas; Director of the Psychiatry Institute, Víctor Salvador Rico Hernández; Gady Zabicky Sirot, National Commissioner Against Addictions; Juan Manuel Quijada Gaytán, General Director of Psychiatric Assistance Services, and Lizeth Noriega, Director of the Institute Against Addictions of Baja California.

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