Around 2,000 Ukrainian migrants have arrived in Baja California

The arrival of only 120 Ukrainians in Calexico was registered

More than a month after the Russia-Ukraine War began, the border city of Tijuana has been a point of arrival for hundreds of migrants from these countries looking for political asylum and a better quality of life in the United States. Such is the case that, so far, a total of 2,000 Ukrainian migrants have arrived in Baja California and its different border ports of entry.

According to Baja California’s Secretary of the Interior, Catalino Zavala, approximately 2,000 Ukrainian migrants have been registered in Baja Californian territory, with 120 of them being in Calexico, a few others at the Otay Border Crossing, but most of them at the busiest border crossing, San Ysidro in Tijuana.

It should be noted that on Tuesday night, migrant cars arrived with people looking for political asylum so that they can be relocated to the US. It is expected that around 700 migrants are received in the next few days.

Currently, Ukrainian migrants can cross through the US border without any inconvenience, but those with Russian nationalities have to wait for political asylum. They are currently settled at the San Ysidro Border Crossing hoping to get a response from the US government.

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