New Tijuana Airport terminal will have 36 counters: Baja Window to the South

This was revealed by the Director of Tijuana’s International Airport


Baja Window to the South has had different guests every episode who reveal some of the great wonders that Baja California has to offer tourists. An important topic for tourists is traveling, especially for those coming to and from the US who arrive at Tijuana’s International Airport.

As a special guest to talk about this topic, Engineer Eduardo González, who is Tijuana’s International Airport Director, was present. He explained the benefits of CBX, a border entry for people who are traveling from San Diego and other US cities to Baja California or other Mexican states.

From Tijuana’s International Airport one can get to the 35 most important airports of the country. Another benefit that one can get by traveling from the Mexican side of the border is that flights to other places of Mexico will be cheaper compared to these same flights in the United States.

This airport is currently under construction of a new terminal which will focus on travelers to or from San Diego. Engineer González shared that this terminal will be 45,000 square meters in size (double the amount of the current terminal) and will also have 36 counters where passengers will be able to send their luggage from San Diego directly into the plane. It is expected that this terminal will be finished to begin operations in early summer.

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