Marina del Pilar administration and Sonora join forces to promote new Tijuana-Puerto Peñasco route

Both regions are perceived as areas of high touristic potential

Photo by: Cortesía

Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda and Alfonso Durazo Montaño, Governors of Baja California and Sonora respectively, will create functional communication outlines in order to attract tourism to both regions by working together. That was stated by Governor Marina del Pilar who expressed her willingness to continue working with Alfonso Durazo in close cooperation as well as with Célida López Cárdenas, head of Tourism in Sonora.

The work they do together will be focused on strengthening the touristic flow in both regions, since it is perceived as an area with high potential that can be boosted adequately only by working together. Such is the case that on Thursday, the inclusion of a flight route between Tijuana and Puerto Peñasco was announced, two destinations that are connected through history and willingness to work for their communities despite their differences.

The flights will begin operations starting April 29, thanks mainly to the management of Célida López who stated on Thursday, March 24 that the flight will allow crossings to San Diego through the Cross Border Xpress. Meanwhile, Miguel Aguíñiga Rodríguez, Secretary of Tourism of Baja California, stated that with this the state is strengthening its connection with the rest of the country, and opens a new opportunity for interstate tourism.

Both Marina del Pilar and Alfonso Durazo have carried out public policies focused on gauging tourism as an activity that brings growth, cultural exchanges, and economic boosts, which are so vital to these destinations’ communities.

After the Covid-19 pandemic, the governments of Baja California and Sonora have been experiencing a natural economic recovery, and the new flight between Tijuana and Puerto Peñasco is proof of this.

Célida López stated that Puerto Peñasco is ready to receive visitors to its beaches, which have had their sanitation certified, which means that there is trust that Covid-19 measures will be observed.

It should be noted that both governments also have the willingness to join forces with the business sector from vendors and airline representatives to heads of industries that bolster the tourism sector.

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