Government of Baja California announces they will continue coverage of school accidents

This to ensure the protection of boys and girls in case of accidents during in-person classes

The Secretariat of Education reported the recent incorporation of assistance clinics in case of accidents during school hours. The school insurance ”Umbrella” benefits all basic education students in Tijuana public schools with 6 clinics and 6 specialists.

Regarding this, the Secretary of Education, Gerardo Arturo Solís Benavides recommends the education community to find out about the benefits of this insurance and be aware of all actions that must be taken in case a student has an accident.

In case of any incidents or accidents, parents can call the Umbrella Call Center at (800) 026-99-06 and/or (800) 788-02-80, where one will be redirected to the closest clinic or can be assisted in a personalized manner by scheduling an appointment to get care as soon as possible.

The school insurance covers Monday through Friday according to the school calendar. It excludes spring break and winter vacations, unless there are any extracurricular activities. The first step is to call the aforementioned phone numbers where one must follow the instructions as they are given. This is because if one goes to the clinic first, one risks the hospital not being in-network according to the insurance.

The student's personal accident policy covers medical costs due to any accident up until an amount of $35,000 pesos and of $60,000 pesos for any external, sudden, violent, and accidental event that causes organic loss, disability, or death in the student.

The policy only applies in case of accidents, never with diseases or other procedures. Once the call is received, the call center will request the necessary information to verify that the student belongs to basic education and, as such, they will be sent to an in-network institution to be assisted.

When arriving to the clinic, parents will be asked the complete name of the patient, school, group, grade, CURP, and some general information for statistic purposes such as the place where the accident took place (which should always be the student’s address or the address where they receive care or perform school activities), type of injury, type of accident, among others.

In case of any doubt or irregularity with the procedure, one can ask for assistance at the Department of School Security of the Social Participation and School Coexistence Agency.

It is important to follow these steps so that the student receives care as soon as possible. To find out the network of clinics that this insurance is a part of, go to the following page: and click the municipality where you live. This way you will be able to get the list of clinics and hospitals.

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