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Marina del Pilar launches Women’s Protection program

At CEJUM there will be a specialized office of the State’s Attorney General (FGE)

In order to protect the women of Baja California against all kinds of violence, the Governor, Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, presided over the presentation of the Comprehensive Attention Module at the Center of Justice for Women of the State (CEJUM).

In her official message, the state Governor highlighted the recovery of the space located in Colonia Camino Verde in Tijuana and emphasized the work done in each involved area as the project has been carried out.

Marina del Pilar thanked the Judiciary Branch of the State of Baja California and its head, magistrate Alejandro Fragozo López who arranged a specialized court that will speed up notably the attention given to victims of gender violence.

She added that in order to resolve the demands by Baja Californian women she doubled the budget of CEJUM so that it has what is necessary to apply the comprehensive attention module.

It should be noted that the CEJUM will also have a specialized office of the State’s Attorney General (FGE), so that they can receive the reports of women who have been victims of violence.

At the same time, she urged heads of these agencies to try their best in order to progress in this project which is a priority for this administration.

The Governor and representatives of all organizations involved signed the Interinstitutional Agreement of the Attention Module of CEJUM in which they agree to establish collaboration mechanisms in order to carry out actions under a comprehensive, multisectoral, and interinstitutional policy that is focused in prevention and specialized attention for women.

At this event, the following people were present: Secretary of the Interior of Baja California, Catalino Zavala Márquez; head of CEJUM, Magdalena Bautista; specialized prosecutor in Gender-Based Crimes Against Women, Adriana Lizárraga; Secretary of Inclusion and Gender Equality, Miriam Cano Núñez, and Wellness Secretary, Netzahualcoyotl Jáuregui Santillán.

VIDEO: Marina del Pilar launches Women’s Protection program


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