10 people possibly related to the violent events in Corregidora Stadium are arrested

All male people detained will be presented before judicial authorities

This Tuesday morning, Querétaro’s Attorney General revealed that, after investigating the events of last March 5th during the Querétaro vs. Atlas match that resulted in at least 30 injured, the first 10 men involved in this criminal act have been detained, complying with the 21 search warrants issued by the Supervisory Judge of the Judicial Branch.

The detainees named Jesús “N”, José Alfredo “N”, Iván “N”, Jonathan Carlos “N”, Víctor “N”, Adrián “N”, Juan Manuel “N”, Eduardo “N” and Edgar Emmanuel “N”; were all detained through arrest warrants due to their possible participation in tentative homicides, sport show violence, and crime advocacy.

In the warrants, 82 sport clothing with Querétaro team logos, 4 pairs of tennis shoes (some with possible blood spots), 22 cell phones, and different evidence that will be used during the investigation were all secured.

The Attorney General stated that in order to identify criminal conducts and the 26 people possibly responsible, they gathered information from social media by analyzing 583 images, 78 videos, more than one thousand messages with information and anonymous claims to 089. They also got information from video security cameras from Corregidora Stadium.

All the men detained will be shown before the judicial authority so that their legal situation can be determined. Investigations continue and the information will be available to the public.

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