Baja Window to the South premiered first episode highlighting the marvels of Baja California

Topics such as tourism, gastronomy, infrastructure, and attractions will be covered

On Friday, February 25 the first episode of Baja Window to the South debuted. This new and impressive show is focused in showing the marvels that Baja California has to offer to the world, hosted by Olga Sánchez de la Vega and Scott Koenig.

This show, meant for an American audience, will talk about gastronomy, locations, wine, attractions, and everything you should and shouldn’t do in Baja California so you are able to enjoy your visit to any of the state’s areas.

In this first episode, the special guest was Miguel Aguiñaga Rodríguez, Secretary of Tourism of Baja California. They spoke about the marvels of the state such as its hiking spaces, restaurants, the “pueblo mágico” (magical town) of Tecate, Valle de Guadalupe, la Chinesca, its coasts, its craft beer, its medical tourism, and the hundreds of tourist attractions that Baja California has to offer that many people who cross the border don’t realize exist.

Several interesting sections were part of the show such as ”Baja Do’s & Don’t’s” where the hosts recommend what things to do and what things not to do during your stay. They recommended to sandboard in Dunas de Cuervito and recommended not to travel at night by car, not only in Baja California, but all across Mexico.

Next up was “Tacos with Muchachos” where Scott met up with Tony Tee, owner of Corazón de Torta in San Diego, to go to “Tacos Don Esteban”, located in Calle Sexta near Zona Río in Tijuana. They went to this traditional and famous taqueria because they serve New York meat tacos with unusual “toppings”, such as lettuce and mayonnaise. It is not strange that they both loved these tacos, for this taqueria has existed since the 1960s due to their delicious dishes.

Caesar’s master saladero, Armando Villegas, was also a part of the show. He is the last person alive of the hotel’s oldest generation which means that Villegas has been making the dish for 30 years. In this first episode, he showed us how to prepare the famous Caesar salad.

Baja Window to the South is a reboot of the old “Tijuana Window to the South” show which was the first show that acknowledged Baja California as a tourist attraction. It aired for over 30 years in Canal 6 and showed American audiences everything that the city of Tijuana had to offer.

Here, they highlighted the positive aspects of Tijuana so that the audience, mostly Californian, was encouraged to visit the city, thanks to the stories told by its host, Jan (Juanita) Wood. Back then, Tijuana was mostly presented in the media as a place filled with prostitution, weapons, gambling, and vice, what is known as its “black legend”, but Juanita's show gave the world another perspective of Tijuana showing the city’s gastronomic, cultural, and tourist attractions.

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Click here to watch the first episode of Baja Window to the South!


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