Baja California

Santa Ana winds are back in Tijuana! Alerts issued due to drastic temperature changes

Temperatures will be increasing gradually in the city

After a couple of hot weeks and warm weather in Tijuana, rain and low temperatures along with cloudy days are coming back starting this Thursday, Civil Protection announced.

According to this agency’s climate report, today's relative humidity increased and created a significant drop in maximum temperatures. This means the rest of the day will remain cloudy with occasional strong winds coming from the west, and slight chances of drizzles and isolated rains during the day.

Starting Wednesday, and continuing for the rest of the week, it is expected that another Santa Ana wind event arrives, increasing temperatures slightly in the region.

On Tuesday, it is expected maximum temperatures to be 15°C, with minimal being 9°C. These will be accompanied by rain, and on Wednesday, temperatures may range between 18°C to 10°C. On Thursday, temperatures are forecasted to be between 21°C to 5°C.

Due to this event, it is recommended that people remain informed regarding any significant change in weather conditions. This is so they can take the appropriate precautions and avoid diseases related to sudden temperature change exposure.

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