Bouquet of roses prices reach 45,000 pesos in Tijuana due to Valentine’s Day

As a Valentine’s Day gift, you can never go wrong with flowers

The Day of Love and Friendship has arrived, where thousands of people are eager to prove their love and affection to their loved ones. And flowers are one of those gifts that never misses as a Valentine’s Day present.

In the city of Tijuana, there is a renowned street that is filled with flowers and ornaments every Valentine’s and Mother’s Day. Located in Colonia Marrón, you will be able to find several different shops that offer roses, tulips, and sunflowers, as well as the most exotic and beautiful orchids, whose prices will blow you away.

According to Héctor Gonzalez, Tijuana florist, this weekend he started selling bouquets and flower arrangements whose prices manage to reach 45,000 pesos.

These days the thing we have sold the most is the one with one thousand roses, but usually 300 to 400 roses is what is sold the most in Valentine’s Day.

Héctor Gonzalez explained that the price for one thousand roses is 45,000 pesos and for 500 roses it is 22,000 pesos. He also stated flower prices tend to rise due to the holiday, since this increase is reflected in both Mexico City and the United States, although he assured that bouquets are sold regardless in the city.

Would you pay this price to gift one thousand roses to a loved one?

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