Marina del Pilar administration talks community hospital advances in San Felipe

Facilities were restored and equipped thanks to an investment of over 1 million pesos

Photo by: Gobierno de Baja California

The government of Baja California, led by Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda revealed the advances regarding the community hospital restoration in San Felipe, which was provided with adequate facilities and new medical equipment.

The Secretariat of Health stated that an investment of around 1 million pesos was allocated for the development of this space.

The health center’s walls, hallways, spaces for people with disabilities, signs, pipeline systems, and equipment were all restored.

In a tour of the community hospital, Secretary of Health, J. Adrián Medina Amarillas confirmed that the investment had been used appropriately and had also delivered an ambulance operated through INSABI for emergencies in the area.

The official recalled that this very same week the first Covid-19 Health Care Clinic was opened in Tijuana, in a place that was also previously abandoned, and now its health services are being used to give care to all those who need it in the state to account for everybody.

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