Civil Protection warns of strong rise in temperatures in Tijuana

Stronger winds are expected for this Thursday

High temperatures will continue this week in Tijuana. This is why Civil Protection published a report of an unusual increase in temperatures for this season, as well as a drastic drop during the nights.

This has to do with the Santa Ana event which will continue for the next few days. It will create warm days, low levels of humidity (from 10% to 15%), cold nights, and periods of winds which will last for the rest of the week.

It is expected that winds coming from the east are stronger on Thursday, which is why a meteorological alert is being considered. This is because of wind intensity which is expected to be between 24 to 48 km/h, with possible gusts of 88 km/h.

On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, temperatures will rise significantly, with Wednesday ranging between 29.4 and 3.3 °C. On Thursday and Friday, maximum temperatures are expected to be similar, estimated in between 30.5 °C maximum and 6.6 °C minimum.

The weekend is also going to be very hot, though one should be prepared for this weather change. Starting next week, temperatures will decrease to 20 °C maximum.

The population at large is encouraged to be aware of any significant change in temperature, as well as following the recommendations of Civil Protection, Firefighter, and Health authorities. They should also take precautions regarding sudden temperature changes, especially vulnerable people like the elderly and children under the age of 5.

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