Marina del Pilar asserted that the measures used to stop Covid-19's fourth wave were successful

One of the most significant instruments for these methods is vaccination

Photo by: Cortesía

The government of Baja California, directed by Governor Marina del Pilar vila Olmeda, assures that population immunization tactics have enabled the fourth life of Covid-19 contamination to be tackled.

"The best tool with which we can count to block Covid-19 is vaccination, which protects us and takes care of what we want most, so that is what my Government, with the support of the Federal Government, has worked very hard to "We will reach all and all the Bajacalifornians with this protection," he said on social media.

Baja California has become the state with the highest vaccination margin at the national level, which has resulted in a reduction in the pandemic's impacts, owing to this concerted effort by state and federal authorities.

Marina del Pilar vila Olmeda went on to say that scientific reality has shown the usefulness of vaccinations, citing the fact that 80 percent of people admitted to hospitals and 90 percent of those intubated do not have the protection program.

"The vaccine saves lives," stated the state president, "which is why I want to keep encouraging you to put your health and heart first, to finish your immunization schedule."

She also declared that the vaccination modules will remain open with longer hours in the seven municipalities of Baja California, as requested by Marina del Pilar, so that everyone may obtain the vaccine.

"We must not let up our guard; we must continue to look after ourselves, remain unified in our efforts to prevent the epidemic, and promote the well-being of our families," the president of Baja California said.

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