The renovation of the San Felipe International Airport is bolstered by Marina del Pilar

This will help the Sea of Cortez maritime corridor expand

Photo by: Cortesía

Marina del Pilar vila, the Governor of Baja California, has directed that progress on the refurbishment of the San Felipe International Airport be accelerated to boost the tourist potential of this new town.

The new infrastructure, according to the state president, will have a good influence on San Felipe's economic, social, and productive growth, generating a major attraction for tourism, fishing, water sports, and sustainable tourism, among other things.

The upgrade, he added, will provide the Sea of Cortez maritime corridor a boost, with significant localities like San Luis Gonzaga, Bahia de los ngeles, and Puerto Peasco in Sonora, as well as the port of San Felipe, boosting the patrimony of the people who live in the impacted region.

For his part, Secretary of Infrastructure, Urban Development, and Territorial Reorganization (SIDURT) Arturo Espinoza Jaramillo explained that maintenance work on the runway, the construction of an emergency, and the rehabilitation of the control tower and the air terminal building are all being carried out with an initial investment of 24.9 million pesos.

The completion date is set for March 16, 2022, according to her.

International and national operations, which were at risk due to the runway's severe deterioration, will be assured as a result of this work, he said, providing the necessary security for users, optimizing interconnection with the network of airports and auxiliary services, and promoting the region's growth with the US states of Arizona and California.

Both the Governor and the head of the SIDURT acknowledged the SIDURT's coordination with the captaincy of the San Felipe International Airport, led by Joel San Reyes Vega, Commander of the Federal Civil Aviation Agency, to carry out the rehabilitation and modernization of the facilities, which will benefit the nascent municipality and all of its citizens.

Video: Governor Marina del Pilar discusses the future of "La Chinesca" in a related video.


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