In Baja, California, wearing a face mask will be required on public transit

Public transportation inspections will also be bolstered

Following a rebound in positive cases due to Covid-19 and increased mobility in Baja California, the Baja California Institute of Sustainable Mobility (IMOS) announced that wearing face masks in public transportation is mandatory. This new rule applies to all municipalities in the state in any mode of transportation.

Jorge Alberto Gutiérrez Topete, the general director of this parastatal agency, who also stated that inspection operations in public transportation would be bolstered to ensure that both passengers and drivers take this action a required basis.

He said that operators who do not employ it may face IMOS sanctions and that public transportation drivers can refuse service to customers who do not use mouth coverings.

"It's difficult to maintain a healthy distance from other passengers on public transportation," he said, emphasizing the importance of using mouth coverings to the fullest degree possible.

Finally, Gutiérrez Topete reaffirmed the Secretary of Health and Governor of Baja California, Marina del Pilar vila Olmedacall,'s to limit movement and participation at social gatherings as much as possible and emphasized the significance of vaccinations in reducing infections and illness severity.

VIDEO: Before the 4th wave, Marina del Pilar delivers a message to Baja Californians through Covid-19.


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