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San Diego's Plaza Bonita has been reported as the scene of a gunshot

At first, it was assumed to be a terrorist attack

Plaza Bonita was forced to lock its doors at 3:19 p.m. on Tuesday, December 14, owing to a gunshot at one of the plaza's inside establishments.

According to a witness who spoke exclusively to San Diego Red, it was an attempted robbery of a jewelry store. He describes it as leaving Macy's department store when an avalanche of people urgently trying to enter the store greeted him at the door.

People screamed desperately to get down because a gunshot had begun.
It was first assumed that a local terrorist carried out the attack, but it was subsequently revealed that they attempted to rob a jewelry store housed in a kiosk in the plaza.

Colaborador San Diego Red
Colaborador San Diego Red

So yet, no casualties have been recorded, and the witness claims they could re-enter the area after escaping a few minutes later.

There were police officers on the scene of the assault, and they refused to let us take photographs, although the glass was smashed.

Colaborador San Diego Red
Colaborador San Diego Red
Colaborador San Diego Red
Colaborador San Diego Red

They have not reported any injuries, or the perpetrators have been apprehended, and the National City police have not shared any more information on the topic through their social media accounts.

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