They recommend that preventative precautions against Covid-19 be strengthened throughout the winter season.

The need to respect capacity, to use face masks, ventilating places, and maintain social distance were all emphasized

The scientific committee for pandemic control in the entity stated that because the week will begin with a yellow traffic light, it is necessary to continue and reinforce prevention measures against Covid-19, especially at this time when active cases continue to rise and to take care of the health of our families during this season of respiratory diseases.

Néstor Hernández Milan, the Director of Evaluation and Monitoring, stated that the measures of the moderate risk traffic light would be maintained from December 13 to 26, but this does not mean that citizens should relax, especially when engaging in activities typical of December dates such as meetings and pre-Christmas shopping.

"Let's wear the mask everywhere we go, and keep our hands clean, with gel or soap and water, in case we contact our faces; the healthy distance must prevail, especially in enclosed areas," he said.

He also urged individuals who have not yet received a flu vaccine to pay attention to the Ministry of Health's announcements via official networks and the media.

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