Tijuana may be able to accommodate more migrants in the future

It is expected that between 8,000 and 9,000 Mexicans and Central Americans have applied for political asylum in Baja, California

Baja California is ready to accommodate asylum seekers under the Migrant Protection Protocol (MPP), popularly known as "Stay in Mexico," which was restarted on Monday by agreement between the Mexican and US governments.

According to estimates from the Mexican Foreign Ministry, a total of 26 thousand migrants are believed to be in all of the country's border ports. At the same time, between 8 and 9 thousand Mexicans and Central Americans are anticipated to be seeking political asylum in Baja California. He did say that many of these migrants do not choose to stay in a shelter.

He emphasized that the Carmen Serdán Integrating Center for Migrants in Tijuana can handle 1,500 people seeking political asylum and that the city of Tijuana may consider building another.

As a result, it was made clear that the federal government would supply food, water, mats, and any other necessary inputs.

The White House will offer additional financing for foreign groups that assist shelters and other critical services for migrants from the northern border as part of this bilateral agreement between Mexico and the United States.

VIDEO: The Mexican Consulate in San Diego discusses the paucity of CPB agents at border crossings in this video.


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