In Baja California, people over the age of 20 are the most infected with Covid-19.

In Baja, California, there are 1,694 current cases among those aged 20 to 39.

The start of the winter season in Baja California has increased Covid-19 infections; however, the number of active cases related to this virus has decreased somewhat this week, with 3,231.

Since 1,312 infected people can infect others in the city of Mexicali, extreme precautions must be taken in this municipality; similarly, the city of Tijuana concentrates 1,114 active cases; these two cities, being the two most significant in the state, are the ones that give force to the pandemic.

Despite the decline in active instances, it was specified that, based on the metrics, Baja California might return to an orange traffic light, so people are encouraged to continue to follow health precautions to avoid further viral infections and avoid having to curtail capacity.

In terms of infections, the Ministry of Health reported that the youngest of productive age is the age group most infected in Baja California at this point in the pandemic, with 1,694 active cases, followed by 1,010 active cases in the group of 40 to 59 years, 319 cases in the group of 0 to 19 years, and 315 cases in the group of adults over 60 years.

Finally, the Ministry of Health stated that it is still awaiting the arrival of the booster vaccination for those over the age of 65 to avoid a terrible picture of the illness.

Video: Long lineups were reported following the second day of teenage immunization in Tijuana.


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