Tijuana fails in terms of security, the environment, and administration

The Mexican Institute for Competitiveness assessed the city (Imco)

The Mexican Institute for Competitiveness' Urban Competitiveness Index 2021 gave Tijuana a failing grade in security, environment, innovation, and government administration (Imco).

Tijuana is placed 14th out of 15 cities with more than 1 million people in terms of the judicial system's credibility, based on the high rate of killings, criminal occurrence, and car theft.

Tijuana is also scored low in terms of the environment, as it ranks 13th out of 15 cities in terms of solid waste management, water usage, and water treatment, according to Imco.

Tijuana offers opportunities in establishing a research center, the creation of patents, and the provision of high-quality postgraduate courses, as it now lags behind other cities in these economic sectors.

Due to poor voter participation in elections, people's perceptions of corruption, and attacks on journalists, the city's Political System was ranked 10th out of 15 cities in the Urban Competitiveness Index 2021.

However, Tijuana was approved in international relations, foreign direct investment, border infrastructure, and high hotel occupancy, so not everything was negative.

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