28 “gaviotones” have been removed from the San Ysidro Border

Thirty-one automobiles belonging to those aiming to disrupt the border crossing order have also been towed.

With the reopening of the border crossing to non-essential travel from Mexico to the United States, several tactics have been implemented to minimize long lines at the crossing and improve security and road management at checkpoints, particularly in San Ysidro.

José Fernando Sánchez González, the head of the Tijuana Security Secretariat, revealed that since the reopening of the border crossing, 31 cars of people who aim to disrupt order or control in the San Ysidro checkpoint have been towed to avoid excessive wait times.

In turn, he stated that the authorities have had to remove 28 "gaviotones" from the border crossing to prevent people from getting in line. It should be noted that these individuals are in charge of allowing drivers to access the vehicular lines, which will be sanctioned.

He said that they had also provided support for 31 auxiliary road police officers and 15 motorcycle police officers, who had aided to manage the border line in collaboration with US officials to maintain order at the border crossing.

The Municipal Police's goal, according to José Fernando Sánchez González, has been to maintain order at checkpoints, which he claims has been accomplished owing to collaboration with other agencies and US authorities.

VIDEO: From the San Ysidro checkpoint, this is how the border reopening was viewed.


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