CO2 meters are required for large events in Baja California

The new standards prioritized CO2 meters in the areas as well as attendee registration

With the rise of active cases of Covid-19 in Baja California, the state's Ministry of Health has issued new instructions for health procedures that must be followed in the event of future large-scale events to prevent the further spread of the dangerous virus.

During a press conference, Erwin Areizaga, the state commissioner for Protection Against Sanitary Risks, presented the new sanitary procedures that must be followed during significant events, emphasizing CO2 moderation in spaces and attendee registrations.

The people who were present can be identified and contacted in the case of an outbreak. Erwin Areizaga shared his thoughts.

According to the report, the use of face masks, the requirement of soap and water or alcohol gel dispensers, the possession of a vaccination certificate or a negative test for Covid-19, posters ensuring the implementation of sanitary measures, and a nominal census of attendees with contact information, as well as CO2 meters and a ventilation strategy, are all required for the execution of significant events in Baja California.

In turn, State Head of Epidemiology, Oscar Efrén Zazueta, stated that it would be necessary for the events to have an adequate supply of face masks must be worn at all times to the extent that food or beverages are consumed, and that everyone over the age of 5 must wear a mask in a regular basis, and that the use of valve masks will not be permitted, as they have been proven ineffective.

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