Baja California

Santa Ana winds will continue to blow in Tijuana through Thursday.

Citizens are encouraged to keep updated about any substantial changes in the forecasts by Tijuana Civil Protection.

After a period of hot days in Tijuana accompanied by Santa Ana winds, Civil Protection reported on Monday that dry and warm weather would persist through Tuesday, with a drop in winds and temperature; however, warmer days will return on Wednesday.

The passage of a minor low-pressure system to the east across our region will result in a significant drop in local temperatures, with maximums of 19 degrees and minimums of 11 degrees, as well as partly overcast and foggy weather along the beaches and valleys. Tuesday and Wednesday will have cool morning and night temperatures, with temperatures rising again by Thursday.

As a result, the Santa Ana weather will return on Wednesday and Thursday, with moderate winds, low relative humidity, and an increase in local temperatures, progressively diminishing the weather for Friday.

To avoid a significant respiratory infection, Tijuana Civil Protection encourages citizens to keep informed about any substantial changes in predictions and protect themselves from abrupt changes.

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