The top 5 neighborhoods with the most active cases of Covid-19 in Tijuana

Covid-19 infections continue to increase in Baja California, which is why all advise you to take care of yourself in the following neighborhoods

The coronavirus pandemic continues to increase in Baja California, which is why the health organization of the state released the geolocation map where we can see the communities with the highest cases of infection, the zip codes are detected to publicize where they to exercise precautions around these areas.

The epidemiologist, Nestor Hernandez Milan, annouced that countys with the most active cases are: Pórticos de San Antonio, Libertad, Zona Centro, Camino Verde y Cañadas del Florido.

In the city of Mexicali, five counties present the highest transmission rates; for example, Valle de Puebla is where people should have the most precaution because it is one of the top places in this area, followed by Colonia Industrial, Alamitos, Pro Hogar, y Villas del Rey en la Quinta Etapa.

In Tecate, pueblo mágico (magical town), you should be aware of the following neighborhoods: El descanso, La Sierra, Luis Donaldo Colosio, Primera y Benito Juárez.

And the well known tourist destination, Playas de Rosarito, the five neighborhoods that have the highest transmission rates are the following: Ampliación Constitucion, López Gutierrez, Lucio Blanco, Plan Libertador, y Ampliación Lucio Blanco.

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