A decrease in COVID-19 cases in Baja California

The majority of cases are ambulatory

Even though the numbers for Covid-19 have been historic in the state, this Tuesday, there was a drop in active cases, going from 3,083 patients to 2,657, as was announced by the secretary of Health, J Adrian Medina Amarillas.

However, despite the decrease, he took the opportunity to emphasize the importance of not lowering our guard against the pandemic which derived from the Delta variant; this has caused an increase in infections at the border; it is crucial to fo for a medical check-up whenever you are presenting symptoms such as, fever, cough, headache, muscle or joint pain, runny nose, for you to be able to receive promptly, the necessary medical attention to avoid complications.

Medina Amarillas updated that at the close of Monday, November 15, 115 new cases were confirmed; Likewise, 13 deaths from COVID were reported in the entity in the same period.

“The pandemic is a situation, and each municipality has its peculiarities; certainly the state capital has confirmed more infections, fever clinics, but there is no distinction regarding the measures to be followed to control the spread of the virus in all municipalities of Baja California, reiterated the Secretary of health.”

As far as hospitalizations, he explained that of the 2,657 active cases, 2,350 are ambulatory, 209 are hospitalized, and 98 are on a mechanical ventilator. Since the pandemic began in Baja California, 74, 912 cases have been confirmed, of which 9,917 have lost the battle.

Medina Amarillas recalled that only 2% of the patients hospitalized and incubated had a vaccine, while 30% of the outpatients had received some biological against the lethal virus.


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