Ultimate guide to discover the El Médano Route in Rosarito

Are you looking for incredible experiences, but don't know where to begin? We invite you to dive into this Ultimate Guide to visit the El Médano Route in Rosarito, where you´ll be in contact with nature by staying at a cabin or in boutique hotels with restaurant service, enjoying horseback riding, wine tasting and hiking. The interesting part of this route is that you can do any family activity. Are you ready to experience the most attractive parts of this extraordinary route?

1. How to prepare yourself if you arrive from the U.S.?

This is what you have to know in order to arrive at your destination with no problems:

If you live in the U.S. you will need to take your passport to return to your country, also it is recommended that you expedite a permit, according to the information published by the U.S. Consulate in Mexico, Americans that remain for more that 72 hours or less within the “border zone” (that is 21 miles from the U.S. border line), do not need a permit, but if you were to travel further and have to stay for a longer period of time it will be necessary to access this website and fill out the FM-T format.

The Multiple Migratory Form, also known as the FM-T, which is solicited when American citizens travel pass the border zone or remain in Mexico for more than 72 hours, can be expedited at the mexican consulates, border ports of entry with Mexico, Mexican tourism offices or at airports located within the border zone.

The permits have an expiration of 180 days and can be used only once when entering Mexico and it has no cost, to solicit a permit go to Instituto Nacional de Migración.

2. How to arrive at your destination?

You can either decide to rent a car in Baja California, or take your own car. An important preventive measure to take is to have auto insurance. You can obtain insurance for one or more days, annually or for six months, you can find them online on websites such as Baja Bound, AmigoMex or Oscar Padilla Insurance.

We recommend that you take the scenic route, which even though it's a toll road offers a spectacular sight of the coastal zone. While you're on this route you can visit some of the most popular culinary destinations like Puerto Nuevo or the famous Casa de la Langosta which are on the way to the El Médano Route.

3. Where can I stay?

If you are thinking about visiting the El Médano Route in Playas de Rosarito soon, you can extend your stay and sleep at one of the grand cabins, or if you prefer nature and adventure, there are also camping spaces and enjoy the best of the night in this beautiful place.



If you don't want to miss the best of modern architecture, Rancho el Beg has the best cabins to stay in. This innovative place offers two beautiful cabins with a modern style to enjoy nature and create unforgettable memories with your plus one.

If you want more information, contact at (562) 712 6290.

Location: 36 Kilometer Carretera Libre Ensenada, Cantamar, 22710, Playas de Rosarito, B.C., 22710 Cantamar, B.C.


In order to experience the countryside and feel like you're in a movie, Hacienda El Capricho will be your best option, this place is ideal to disconnect from the world and enjoy the countryside. The hacienda has 12 rooms for 2 people each and offers beautiful landscapes to enjoy an outdoor experience and the best of all is that you can take some drink from their bar or a glass of wine from their cellar.

If you want more information, call (619) 254 6730

Location: Calle El Camino Real, 1, El Gato, Baja California, Mexico 22740 22701 Rosarito (Baja California)


If you are planning a trip with your family or group of friends, Rancho Callado is your ideal option because it comes with three large cabins, beautiful and cozy between mountains and nature. The cabins have a capacity of 8 to 12 people, it has large private terraces with a barbeque to cook your food and enjoy the fresh air. You will also enjoy nature and the beautiful mountainous landscape that Rosarito offers.

That's not all if you are an adventurous person there are hiking trails and pets are welcomed!, this is without a doubt a great place to escape with your family.

If you want more information, call (664) 632 5674.

Location: Carretera Libre 1 Tijuana-Ensenada Rancho Reynosa primo tapia, 22740 Rosarito, B.C.


For those who are looking for a spacious and well equipped family camping spot, this is your ideal option, the best of all is that you can take a hot bath. You will not only enjoy a totally different experience but you will also find authentic Mexican food and a place so cozy it's like being in a folk tale, and one of the attraction you can't miss is the baja museum.

If you want more information, call (661) 107 0818.

Location: 46.5 Kilometer Carretera Libre 1 Tijuana-Ensenada



If you want the best of camping but not miss out on the urban comforts, Baja Glamping is your best option, you will enjoy a natural, nice and safe environment.
Your lodging option consists of “Bell Tents” with a maximum capacity of 4 people. Restrooms with hot water, a basic kitchen in the amenities area, and this is why you'll have 2 in 1: you'll enjoy nature and the commodities of urban life in one place.

If you want more information, call (664) 604 5373

4. Places to eat and/or drink

If you like homemade food especially handmade flour tortillas, Paraje de Cota is your ideal option, you will find a variety of stakes with rice and bean sides, the delicious flour tortillas and authentic grilling, but if you are not a big fan of Mexican cuisine, there is also a wood oven pizza that will not let you down.

If you want more information, call (664) 107 0818.

If you want to experience the countryside, El Varañero is an option that won't let you down, you'll be able to taste a delicious menudo with a cafe de olla. Other delicacies on the menu are: birria, chilaquiles and quesadillas.

If you want more information or want to make a reservation, call (661) 110 5268.

Location: Entrance through the carretera Libre Tijuana-Ensenada Kilometer 47.5 45 minutes on dirt road 22701, B.C.


f you are looking for a homemade Mexican flavor, El Arroyo is your best option, they are known for their variety in breakfast and lunch options, that go from pambazos, flautas, fried tacos and soups in an open space with an excellent family environment.

One of the advantages is that you don't need a reservation.

If you want more information, call (661) 850 8770.

Location: 22714, Rosarito.


If you like the Country style, this restaurant is ideal for you. At Pretty Horses Ranch you'll be able to eat dishes like chilli, while you are sharing the space with rescued horses, also, you'll find several stops for local wine tasting next to authentic Mexican barbacoa. A go to spot while visiting El Médano Route!

If you want more information, call +1 (619) 964 9604.

Location: Rancho Guzmán Rd. The detour is close to K45 in Cantamar, Cantamar, Baja California, Mexico

If you want to spend the day tasting one of the best local and international wines or you're more of a drinks person, Black Cross Wines is for you. You'll be able to enjoy the best wines on a patio with a field and horse scenery. Also, this place cooperates in the rescue of animals in Baja California.


If you like tasting nice wine with a cheese assortment on the side, Kava at Hacienda El Capricho is your best option to spend a fabulous evening on your visit to El Médano Route, you'll be able to taste the best wines of the region and excellent cheeses.

5. Spot rentals

If you are thinking of throwing a big party and have your guests enjoy nature and feel like they're in a movie, Villas del Médano is a option that you'll love, This is an outdoor venue in nature, with adobe floor, a kiosk and a capacity of up to 300 people. The best place for your events!
If you want more information, call (664) 280 9435.

Location: Rosarito 56, Camino Real, 22024 Tijuana, B.C.

If your planning a formal event, like a wedding or a fifteen birthday, Hacienda el Capricho is an option you'll love, you'll be able to enjoy a magical place to celebrate your events, submerged in mountains of Baja California which invites you to experience and create memories that will be made within its precious gardens and marvelous corner that the hacienda offers. This place has a small church.

6. Events

Practical organic crops course

If you have an interest to learn to plant, during the month of november there will be a practical organic crops course in Villas del Médano, which will be teaching all about high performance bed crops, composting, transplant seedling, planting and cleaning fruit trees, pest control, irrigation and garden design, you'll also be able to enjoy outdoor activities like yoga.

Fall decoration and seasonal planting

During fall you can visit Dulce Granja and El Varañero, to enjoy the best decorations and fields of the season, for example you'll find a spectacular view of the cempasúchil flowers.

Eventos de beneficencia para rescatar animales
For the rescue of horses and other animals of the area, Black Cross Wines organizes events with different themes to raise funds. Sometimes they organize different activities for your enjoyment while you're visiting.

Festival de Paella y Vino

Hacienda Capricho offers traditional events in nature, where you'll be able to taste the best of paella and wine, with live music and enjoy the scenery. The price of the ticket is 30 dollars which includes paella, wine, beer and salad. An event you can't miss every year.

7. What to do? Discover recreational activities

On your visit to El Médano Route you most definitely have to try one of the most offered recreational activities: horseback riding and the best option is at Rancho Escondido, where you enjoy the mountains, streams, lakes and even trips to Playa Herraje.

If you want more information, call (661) 116 5914.

Location: 27707 Rosarito, B.C.


If you love hiking, at Rancho R85 you'll find natural and unique places never before opened to the public, which can serve as spaces for retreat or to practice yoga in nature. In your journey you find extensive native wildlife, aromatic plant fields, flowers and seasonal crops.


We talked about Rancho Callado earlier about its cabins, but that not all, you'll also find bikes and a spot for archery; which also serves as an ideal place for hiking, where you'll enjoy wildlife with your pet, since this place is Pet Friendly.


If you want to enjoy contact with animals and appreciate nature with peace, Dulce Granja is an excellent option in your route. An ideal space to relax and connect with nature, you'll also find many spots to take pictures to make a memory of for your social media.
You'll be able to find Vietnamese pigs, horses, sheep, rabbits, chicks and small dogs during your visit to Dulce Granja.

Location: 22740 Rosarito, B.C.


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