Car lot in San Diego catches fire and can be seen from Tijuana

The lot affected by this large fire is located in Otay Mesa

Photo by: San Diego Fire Department

A car lot located on Cactus Road in Otay Mesa by the 905 Freeway, according to authorities a dry vegetation area started the fire, this vegetation was in the area behind the car lot, once it began to grow, the cars began to be affected by the fire.

San Diego Fire Department
San Diego Fire Department

The fire was so big that the clouds of smoke could be seen from different points of San Diego and Tijuana, due to this, users on social media shared pictures where you can see the point of view from where they were located.

Vista desde la Colonia Cacho    Foto: José Luis Sánchez
Vista desde la Colonia Cacho Foto: José Luis Sánchez

Authorities from the San Diego Fire Department are working from the ground and sky to put an end to this fire, which is in danger of approaching homes due to the intensity of the wind.

Through Twitter, the San Diego Fire Department alerts citizens to stay away from areas of Cactus Road due to this fire, so far no injuries and/or deaths have been reported.

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