Baja California

Tijuana is the municipality in Baja California where COVID-19 spreads the most

The rise in cases is reflecting this increase in rates

Photo by: Saira Peñaloza

During the daily COVID-19 update that the Secretary of Health of Baja California, Alonso Pérez Rico gives to the Baja California population, it was revealed that Tijuana is the Baja California municipality with the highest rate within the Effective Reproduction Rate.

According to this term, the ideal is that the Reproduction Rate indexes are below 1.0 in the state, as well as in each municipality, due to the increase in active cases, this index is above the expected, standing at 1.40 at the state level.

In Tijuana the index is 1.58, which is the municipality with the highest incidence, followed by San Felipe with 1.57, San Quintin with 1.50, Ensenada with 1.45, Mexicali with 1.26, Tecate with 1.25 and Rosarito is the municipality with the lowest index, at 1.12.

Facebook Gobierno de Baja California
Facebook Gobierno de Baja California

What Pérez Rico remarked is that even though this index is at a high point, it was showing signs of decline in most of the municipalities, while others are the same. The key now is that all these levels in each region and especially in Baja California are below 1.0.

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