Go wild with "Café en el Mar" expo at Rosarito Beach Hotel this October

The event will take place on Saturday, October 16th

Photo by: Jag Durán y Pexels

The Tourism and Convention Committee of Playas de Rosarito (COTUCO) invites you not to miss the event "Coffee by the Sea" , the Rosarito Beach Hotel will host the event that will bring together 12 coffee shops from Playas de Rosarito to promote this famous beverage that has become a trend in recent years.

The expo, organized by CANIRAC, will take place on Saturday, October 16th from 12 PM to 8 PM in the hotel gardens, right in front of the sea and outdoors.

Among the amenities on offer will be live music, food, family atmosphere and the presence of artists such as Rafael Amaya (Coffee Artist), Antonio Escalante, Bibi Vega, Straw Art and the Galeta Agency.

The press conference was attended by Alan Bautista Plascencia, president of CANIRAC Playas de Rosarito; Adilene Urías Chávez, CANIRAC member; Claudia Garay Suárez, treasurer of CANIRAC Playas de Rosarito and Conrado Acevedo Machado, president of COTUCO in this city.

Admission to the event will be free of charge.

The organizers explained that they already have the letter of no inconvenience from the Government of Baja California to hold the expo "Café en el Mar" with all the security measures.

In an interview with San Diego Red, Adilene Urias, part of the organizing committee, highlighted the reasons for holding the event:

"I am a coffee lover and whenever coffee expos are held they are in Mexico City and Tijuana, and I said: 'well, I have a coffee shop, it's time to raise my hand', I am a spokesperson for coffee shops on behalf of CANIRAC in Rosarito so I had to do something, something that would mark and transcend from year to year. The event arose from the boom of coffee shops in Rosarito, there are more than 38. We invited them, unfortunately not all of them were able to participate, but most of them are here, and we are representing those that are not. It is love for coffee, what can I tell you".

Among the highlights is that they will open the pier so that it can be visited by those present and there will be oil painting at the foot of the pier, as well as a painting workshop.

The participating coffee shops and restaurants are as follows:

1. Expresso 29

2. Garage Café

3. Moniciclo

4. Coffee para Tres

5. Café de la Fonda

6. Flor de Canela

7. Good Fellas

8. M122 Bistro&Bar

9. Eloy's Café

10. La Crepa Rodante

11. Sal & Humo

12. Raíces

13. Team Miranda

14. Galatea

15. G&G Cervecería

16. Cafetería Rossy

17. Azteca

18. Chabert

The event is sponsored by Hotel Rosarito Beach, Cotuco, Smart & Final, Pasquini, Jersey, Paniagua, Edes Productos Desechables, Estrategia 13 (Advertising) and Banana Rosarito.

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