Need to renew your U.S. passport? You can now do it online

Do you live in Mexico? There are facilities for these Americans

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Are you a U.S. citizen looking to renew your passport? Starting this Friday, October 1, eligible citizens residing in Mexico will be able to use a new online payment program for adult passport renewals.

This was informed by the U.S. Embassy in Mexico through a publication on its official Facebook account. They also communicated that if you need a passport you must schedule an appointment, complete the DS-82 form and have your Social Security number on hand.

"You must complete all pages of the form, sign and date it... You must print your form single-sided. We do not accept double-sided forms" they stated on their website.

You must also send your most recent U.S. passport and a photocopy of the biography page. This should go with your application along with a photocopy of the bio page containing your photo. They clarify that your old passport book will be returned to you.

As a final step you will need to pay the passport renewal fee online and include a printed copy of the payment confirmation receipt with your documents. If you want to review the rest of the requirements or start your process you can click here.

Once you comply with all the requirements you must mail them to any of the following locations (click on the links to see the addresses):

-Ciudad Juárez Consulate

-Consulate General Guadalajara

-Embassy in Mexico City

-Consulate General Monterrey

-Consulate General Tijuana

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