Director of Attention to Immigrants in Tijuana is recognized as "Character of the Year 2021"

Grupo XXI awarded the title to José Luis Pérez Canchola due to his great work throughout the years

Karla Patricia Ruiz Macfarland, Mayor of Tijuana, congratulated and recognized the Municipal Director of Attention to Immigrants, José Luis Pérez Canchola for his leadership in the field of human rights, as well as for his actions to protect migrants, for which the group Grupo XXI Tijuana A.C., considers him worthy of the title "Character of the Year 2021".

The above, during the solemn session held each year by the civil association with the objective of recognizing exemplary citizens, who work to improve living conditions in the city and of which, this year, Pérez Canchola was deserving as a tribute to his great trajectory.

"His vocation of service, commitment, knowledge, as well as his leadership on the issue of human rights and protection of immigrants, were the reasons why we ratified his appointment as Municipal Director of Attention to Migrants, because he is a man who is always ensuring that human rights are respected," said the mayor.

She also recognized the work that this group has promoted in Tijuana, since 1983, to change the circumstances of governance, not only through claims, but through the participation and action of a group of men and women concerned about the fate of the city.

"I celebrate and recognize that men and women like you are leaders who promote respect, solidarity, truth, congruency and participation. You are constantly learning from your leadership in different areas and have put it at the service of your city," remarked Ruiz Macfarland.

The honoree pointed out in his speech that this recognition obliges him to continue working for human rights and the protection of one of the most affected segments of the population, immigrants; both issues, attracted him from a very young age and marked his path, leading him to participate in different fields as well as from different positions in matters related to these two areas locally, nationally and internationally.

On his part, the coordinator of Grupo XXI, Fausto Quintana González, mentioned the great work carried out by Pérez Canchola, not only as a member of the civil organization, but also as a professional and citizen, who tirelessly sought the protection of people who were not previously contemplated by any authority of the three levels of government, for his strong and firm opinion in the transmission of values, his ideology, mainly with his participation in the solution of social problems that concern him and that led him to become the first Human Rights Attorney in Baja California.

Representatives from different chambers of commerce, the business sector, medical, religious, civil associations, among other organizations attended the solemn event, which included the Honors to the Flag by members of the 28th Infantry Battalion.

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