Mayor Karla Ruiz continues to promote green areas in Tijuana

In less than a year, the mayor has made agreements with institutions to take care of Tijuana's wildlife and plants

If anything has characterized the current Tijuana administration, headed by Mayor Karla Ruiz Macfarland, it is her interest in creating a city that gives the environment the importance it deserves. In less than a year, the mayor has made agreements with institutions to care for wildlife and plant life and has been concerned about monitoring the air quality of citizens.

In February she initiated a series of activities in the famous Morelos Park, which is considered "the lungs of the city". It also signed an agreement with the Invictus Foundation to care for the animal life of the previously mentioned park and the Amistad Park as well. At the time it was said that among the functions of this partnership would be to provide advice on the following points:

-Legal issues
-Administrative, technical and clinical issues
-Medical-behavioral consultancies on rescue
-Advice on rehabilitation, relocation and even release of wildlife victims of human incidence

Among the most recent actions announced by the City Council headed by Ruiz Macfarland, is the reforestation of more than one thousand trees in Morelos Park, as a result of a partnership between SIMPATT and Grupo Asaez Wao.

According to the director of the municipality, Azael Mercedes Puente Camarena, with these actions carried out in the 47 hectare park, there are now 3 thousand trees with more than 60 species and the commitment of Mayor Karla Ruiz to provide the city with more green spaces in better conditions is fulfilled.

VIDEO: Karla Ruiz will strive for a clean city


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