Alternative Treatments: The ITC survivors share their journey

Not only patients recognize the treatment and care provided at this medical center in Tijuana, but their families also do

There are more and more private clinics that receive tourists for medical treatments in Tijuana, however, Immunity Therapy Center (ITC) stands out for its facilities, the personalized treatment it provides to its patients, but above all for the alternative treatment it offers.

This medical center, located at Padre Kino Boulevard #10133 in Zona Rio Tijuana 22320, specializes in treating people diagnosed with cancer, through services that respond to the circumstances of each patient and leaving aside chemotherapies; thus offering a unique treatment by the experts who work there.

To schedule an appointment with the Immunity Therapy Center, visit or call 619-333-6066.

But what better than to hear the testimony of those who lived with this disease and the staff directly, like Fouad Youssef, who in 2016 discovered he had lymphoma under his arm, the size of the knuckle of his thumb.

ITC offers a wide variety of therapies and none of them are painful at all. My quality of life was not affected during my ITC experience [unlike chemotherapy] and my lymphoma shrunk dramatically.

For her part, Jacqueline Rubitay, diagnosed with colon cancer, after undergoing surgery and 12 rounds of chemotherapy, which did not prevent the cancer from spreading to her ovaries, came to ITC looking for one more hope to continue living. After her treatment at this center she acknowledged:

It's a shame that we turn to alternative medicine as a last resort.

If you have been diagnosed with any type of cancer, discover the alternative treatment this medical center works with by clicking here.

Even the relatives of those who have been treated by ITC doctors share their experience and gratitude for providing a less painful option for their loved ones. Such is the case of Esther Reimer's daughter, who expressed:

I really advise people to consider a natural alternative when they learn they have cancer. That's what was important to me. I didn't want my mom to go through chemo. I didn't want to cause more damage to her body. I really appreciate the good service we have here. The whole clinic and staff are amazing people. I am so thankful that mom didn't need chemo. I know this is the place to come to, whether it's a severe or mild cancer situation.

And you, did you know about the Immunity Therapy Center?

If you have questions, you can learn more about the Immunity Therapy Center by clicking here.


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