Sephora announces it will open more stores in Mexico by 2022

The makeup retailer is looking to expand its territory in physical stores

Photo by: Deva Darshan on Unsplash

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, countless businesses and industries have been affected, especially the makeup industry. Sephora has announced that the areas that have seen the greatest growth have been hair products with 122% and skin products with 62%.

It is expected that by 2022 the vaccination of the population will increase confidence for consumers to return to physical stores. Sephora Mexico CEO, Darío Aguilar, commented exclusively to Forbes Mexico that they are looking to continue their expansion of physical stores in addition to starting to bring exclusive brands to Mexico.

"Mexico is a very competitive market for Sephora in Latin America along with Brazil, it is one of the most important in the beauty industry, so it is very important to continue to have a presence and continue to grow," added Aguilar.

In addition to these expansions they are looking to improve their ecommerce, which like other businesses, has been their greatest ally during this pandemic, this through the improvement of their website and constant updates; the CEO of Sephora Mexico added that in the future they want to add virtual reality to their website for a greater consumer experience.

Finally he expressed that Tijuana as well as 20 other cities will be key markets for the creation of physical stores in these territories in addition to increasing sales with the launch of its app on September 2.

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