Tijuana author Carlos Mora presents his book "Las Doñas"

The title is a letter of admiration and love for great women in history and his personal life.

Tijuana author and former Secretary of Government of Tijuana, Carlos Mora Álvarez announced the release of his new book "Las Doñas, algunos Dones y otros Amores" (The Doñas, some Gifts and other Loves).

The title recalls the trajectory, intellectual, cultural and emotional contribution of great women of the 19th and 20th century who have been a fundamental pillar for feminism and the formation of humankind, attributes that the author admires throughout its pages.

In an exclusive interview for San Diego Red, Carlos mentioned that this is his third book, since last year during the pandemic he wrote "Los Dones 1 and 2" derived from a series of columns he published for five years in the weekly newspaper Zeta.

Excited to be able to talk about "this new child", the writer realized at the beginning of 2021 that his practice lacked women, so he decided to dedicate this book to them, where he not only talks about 15 great women, but also about 10 great gifts and 10 great loves; the latter are more personal and include those who had a positive influence in his life, as is the case of his mother.

Among the women he mentions in his book are Rosario Castellanos, a notable Mexican writer, essayist, poet and novelist; the legendary Virginia Woolf, British writer and pillar of feminism; as well as the American actress and singer Barbra Streisand.

The inspiration to begin the tribute came after a conclusion Carlos Mora came to:

"When you start to reflect in this sense, who shaped me? And we were shaped by women! Our mother in the first instance, our grandmothers and great-grandmothers, also at the time the mother of my children," he said.

A great follower of feminist movements, which he respects and supports, the author pointed out that in the case of Castellanos and Woolf, they were intellectually superior to their husbands, much more sensitive and intelligent.

I have always thought that women should rule this world because they are nobler, more sensitive, more hardworking, more honest and more productive.

"Las Doñas, algunos Dones y otros Amores" comes in a different format, a hardcover, and "richer than the previous ones". There, Mora includes a gallery of "loves" that for him are very sensitive images.

During the conversation he elaborated on the fundamental purpose of the book:

It is to understand that any human being is passionate about different subjects. For me the humanist one is the basic one.

Throughout the paragraphs, Mora takes the opportunity to address topics that are also of deep interest, especially for the people of Baja California, and that serve to understand our past and contextualize the direction society has taken today. Migration and tourism merge with the rest of the content.

All of us in this land are children or grandchildren of immigrants. More than 55% of the population of Baja California was not born in this land. We are the world capital of migration (...) There are no Tijuana natives prouder of being from Tijuana than those who are by adoption, because they planted their roots here and their children were born here.

Carlos Mora will present his book "Las Doñas" on September 30 at Casa Lamm in Mexico City, a cultural center located in the Roma neighborhood.

The event will be attended by Mexico's Supreme Court Justice, Alfredo Gutiérrez Ortiz Mena, and the Secretary of Tourism, Miguel Torruco Marqués.

Ambassador Martha Bárcena Coqui will be present; internationally renowned columnist René Delgado, Editorial Director of El Reforma; and César Yáñez, General Director of Politics and Government, will close the event.

In Baja California the book will be presented between November 15 and 20, possibly at UABC Mexicali and in Tijuana it would be a surprise.

To conclude, the writer highlighted the great talent and sensitivity with which women educate men and emphasized the recognition of self-taught women and single mothers.

"Las Doñas, algunos Dones y otros Amores" will be available during the second half of September at Librería El Día.

You can watch the full interview below:


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